The Club

Beckenham Speakers Club welcomes people of all ages, colours, creed and gender. We meet the 1st and 3rd Thursdays at the Azalia Halls, 258 Croydon Road. You will receive the warmest of welcomes.

Beckenham Speakers Club in its short history has delivered demonstrable benefits to the residents of Beckenham, with some of the club's members already having spoken at the House of Commons, represented the club at Area and District, and National Finals, and contributing regularly to community development by speaking at Rotary and Lions clubs as well as at local charities.

How Our Sessions Work

Beckenham Speakers Club welcomes everyone from the novice to the expert - there is something for everyone. The club runs on a structured basis with each evening being formally led by a chairman and having a theme. For example, a PowerPoint coaching evening, sales or set speeches. The session will also include 'topics', where speakers are taught to think and deliver a short speech on their feet. New members are given particular focus to ensure that the session meets their needs - often helping develop their confidence. This year the club is introducing a ten level programme of learning for members, is entering competitions and focussing on some work base skills too. Whatever your needs, Beckenham Speakers Club can focus its coaching to help you become a far more effective and confident speaker. We've seen that happen many many times!

We are a non-profit organisation. The club fees are £5 per session. This is used to pay for the halls, camera, projector, wine for the sessions and supplies for the club like paper and pens. The fees also give you access a members only site where we host details on the 10 speaking levels we coach all our speakers through.
Benefits of a Speakers Club

The benefits of speaking well in public are increased self-confidence in social situations, interviews and greater promotional prospects at work. Have fun and learn a skill that will last a life time. A speakers club provides a supportive environment for the novice speaker to develop in time, having delivered several speeches and having received instructive feedback on how to improve. At Beckenham Speakers Club, we often run voice coaching and vocal impact sessions as well as handling the fear of public speaking workshops.

There's an App for that!
Beckenham Speakers Club becomes the first digital club in the UK to have its development programme based on the College of Public Speaking 'Public Speaking Pal'. This popular application means that members as well as non-members can download this material for free via any smartphone and get the instruction and advice of the UK's leading instructors. Free download for iOS here